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Gardeniser Pro

In order to support and train the key, professional role of community Garden manager or facilitator , a Gardeniser training programme has been developed. The course is divided into 3 Modules and each Module includes different units with one or more learning outcomes. 


We regularly run online and face to face courses.


Gardeniser Pro face to face course 


Learners will undertake learning and internship by the end of the Gardeniser Pro course. Once this is completed they will then be eligible to take on the online test and once that has been passed will obtain the Gardeniser Pro license. The main topics we will cover are:

-Understand the concept and main characteristics of community gardens/city and care farms

-History of the community garden/care farm/city farm and consulting the community

-Finding the right site

-Designing your project

- Working effectively with staff and volunteers

- getting and keeping staff and volunteers

- Techniques to support people, welcome a diverse community of people and to increase wellbeing on the site

- Negotiating and mediation

- Understanding costs and budgeting



Key practical activities for the internship after the face to face training

•Visits to 3 different community gardens, care farms, orchards or other community managed green sites

•Help a site with running a local consultation. 

•Create and design and a new section for your space.

•Organise an activity in the garden/farm

•Help with recruitment at the farm/garden

•Manage a meeting with a partner/business or a conflict at a site.

•Run an evaluation session after an event or training session

•Devise a budget for a farm/garden

•Create an action plan 

•Undertake a Health Check of a site


These activities will be undertaken after the classroom training and information will need to need to be sent to the trainers  to complete your portfolio. Further information about the tasks, how they will need to be carried out, who you might work with on these and how you will evidence what you learned will be given at the end of the course. 


The next course is face to face in the Midlands 12th-16th February 2024. The application form can be found here


Gardeniser EDU

The Gardeniser EDU course explores how to engage and support children with social, emotional and mental health problems in schools, how to engage with communities outside the school, and includes specific lesson plans for teachers on topics such as where food comes from, healthy eating, and an emphasis on outdoor learning. 


Gardeniser GOV

The  Gardeniser GOV course explores how local government can better understand and actively support their community gardens and farms and demonstrates practical steps towards more resilient cities and towns with green spaces for all. Learners could include staff from Local Authorities or Municipalities who work in housing, planning or community cohesion or could involve working with the police or with social workers.


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